Business development


Defining commercial objectives per customer segment, choosing channels to market, formalizing the commercial policy, competitivity and profitability with multichannel distribution.


Account segmentation and adjustement of the commercial pressure, conception and roll-out of cross-functional support service action pland for strategic accountsn Account prioritization.


Know-how, be able to, want to : defining the mission of commercial teams, management organization, competency evaluation, coaching performance.


Diagnostic and formalization of commercial pitches, the induction and development of new recruits, recruitement methods and tools, well balanced customer portfolio management, performance review scorecards.


Selling and negotiating value, defending the price, elaborating your strategy and piloting the negotiation, identify and handle efficiently the 8 possible reasons behind a request to lower the price.


The success pyramid, the 13 “cons” path, SIMAC, 8 hidden reasons behind a request to lower the price, the 5 Ts, the fundamentals of an authentic salesman, identify and react when confronted with buyer’s destabilization tactics…

Once upon a time there was an Industrial group that had become used to resting on their laurels: their situation of virtual exclusivity on certain products had weakened their commercial approach with some customers who considered themselves less and less cared for.  The internationalization of these clients increased the threat of meeting new competition, the CEO decided to contact us. Together we thought about ways of moving from a technical, scientific logic to a customer centric approach for these international key accounts.  Following this, we worked with the teams on possible customer needs and wants evolutions and how best to reply to them.  We then set up training sessions for Key Account Managers, broken up into several specific modules, with individual action plans at the end of each session.  These training sessions not only reinforced the individual efficiency of the participants, it also lead to the creation of a KAM’s community that informs and supports the team, well beyond sharing best practices.  The adventure continues….